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        Zhenjiang Gaopeng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
        Salicylic Acid (Technical Grade)
        Methyl Salicylate
        Sublimed Salicylic Acid
        Medicinal Salicylic Acid
        5-Sulfosalicylic Acid
        Folic acid
        Sublimed Salicylic Acid
        CAS NO. 69-72-7
        Chemical formula
        Molecular Formula C7H6O3
        Chemical Name 2-hydroxy benzoic acid ;salicylic acid
        Physical and Chemical Properties

        The same as the salicylic acid mentioned above.


        Use HG2-303-80 as a standard for judging product. 
        Appearance: White cube or crystalline powder, pale pink are allowed.
        Melting Point:≥158℃ 
        Number of Black:≤12 
        Number of Foreign Matter:≤5


        The product is a disinfector and antiseptic, also can be used as intermediates of medicine, pesticide, dyestuff, widely used manufacturing aspirin, glyburide, diflunisal, sodium salicylate, optunal, etc.
        Packing To abroad market, 25kg in fiberboard-made drum attached with paper or polyethylene bag inside; to domestic sale, in polypropylene bag attached with polyethylene bag inside 25kg each.
        Storage Store in a cool, dry place and well closed containers, protected from light. 
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