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        Zhenjiang Gaopeng Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
        Salicylic Acid (Technical Grade)
        Methyl Salicylate
        Sublimed Salicylic Acid
        Medicinal Salicylic Acid
        5-Sulfosalicylic Acid
        Folic acid
        Salicylic Acid (Technical Grade)
        CAS NO. 69-72-7
        Chemical formula
        Molecular Formula C7H6O3
        Chemical Name 2-hydroxy benzoic acid ;salicylic acid
        Physical and Chemical Properties

        crystal powder in pale pink to pale brown, colourless, sweet first and then hot, no chemical change in the air. Atmosphevical sulbimating at the tempurature over 76℃ tlalte to decarloxylate and change into phenol and dioxide when heated tmospherically, and its agueous solution appeas acid reaction becomes purple with Feel3. Slightly dissolues in water but dissolves in boiling water easily solublein ethanol or ether slightly soluble in chloroform.


        content: ≥99.0%
        M.P. ≥156.0℃
        Phenol: ≤0.20%
        Ash: ≤0.30% 


        The product is material of medicine, perfume, dyestuff, pesticide and rubber cure retarder. Chiefly it is used to manufacture the medicine of fever-allaying and analgesic for fever, direct dyestuff, insecticide and absorbent of ultraviolet ray.
        Packing Package in polypropylene knitted bag attached with paper polyethylene plastic bag inside. Net weight 25kg .
        Storage Store in a cool, dry place and well closed containers, protected from light .
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